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Being invited to participate in the latest episode of PnPWeekly as a guest was an exciting experience. Hosted by Vesa Juvonen and Waldek Mastykarz, both prominent figures at Microsoft, the show serves as a hub for the latest discussions surrounding Microsoft 365. Joining them in the conversation was truly an honor, and in this blog post I’m excited to share some highlights from our engaging discussion.

Should You Use Microsoft 365 as Building Blocks for Your Solutions? Our discussion centered around the strategic utilization of Microsoft 365 as the foundation for constructing solutions. We carefully explored the advantages and considerations, emphasizing how harnessing the capabilities of Microsoft 365 can streamline development and enhance the overall functionality of solutions. At Avanade, we have actively recognized the importance of skills and ongoing reskilling. We prioritize the development of our team’s proficiency in utilizing the diverse capabilities offered by Microsoft 365. This commitment to continuous learning empowers us to innovate, remain competitive, and effectively navigate the dynamic challenges of modern development.

What’s Changed Since You Became an MVP? Reflecting on my journey as a Microsoft 365 MVP, we discussed the transformations and advancements that have occurred since earning this prestigious award. From evolving technologies to emerging trends, the landscape of Microsoft 365 is in constant flux. Sharing these insights not only provided a glimpse into the dynamic nature of the industry but also underscored the crucial role an MVP plays as a Community Leader. Being recognized as an MVP means staying updated and actively contributing to the community. As the industry undergoes shifts and developments, an MVP remains at the forefront, serving as a beacon of knowledge and expertise. It’s not merely an acknowledgment of individual achievements but a responsibility to lead and guide the community through the ever-changing terrain of Microsoft 365.

What Does Being an MVP Mean to You? The conversation took a personal turn as we explored the significance of being recognized as a Microsoft 365 MVP. Beyond the accolades, we discussed the responsibilities and the sense of community that comes with the title. Being an MVP is not just a recognition of individual achievements but also a commitment to contributing to the community and fostering collaboration.

Finally, here is the link to the recording… let me know your feedback and comments.

Do you want to know? I was very excited, and perhaps a bit tense before starting… but it was a nice and productive chat, and I think it’s one of the most beautiful things that has happened to me!

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