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Hi guys!

I have good news, yesterday I passed Exam MS-600: Building Applications and Solutions with Microsoft 365 Core Services πŸ’ͺπŸ₯³ !

I’m really happy about that!

I have been working in Microsoft 365 for some years and it was not easy this exam! I have made several certifications in the past, and this has certainly been the most interesting! In recent years, Microsoft must say it has done a lot, to make the developers world much more welcoming, modern, and above all affordable for everyone. Every one can, if they want, become developers: our passion guides us and makes us achieve our goals.

Now, no more talk: I’ll tell you about my study path πŸ™‚

First of all, what about measured skills?

This exam measures your ability to accomplish the following technical tasks: implement Microsoft identity; build apps with Microsoft Graph; extend and customize SharePoint; extend Teams; and extend Office.

  • Implement Microsoft Identity (20-25%)
  • Build Apps with Microsoft Graph (20-25%)
  • Extend and Customize SharePoint (20-25%)
  • Extend Teams (15-20%)
  • Extend Office (15-20%)

So, if you want to study, you need to start with

There are 6 learning path:

Each learning path, is organized in 5-10 modules, and each module has both the part of theoretical notions and the sections of exercises and self assessment

In my own opinion, I like a lot this training, and I suggest it: it is also always updated with the latest news.
I think it’s equally important, maybe essential, to start working and developing. And starting from SharePoint development, in my opinion is the best way.


Because gradually it takes you to touch all the points and topics necessary to become a real Microsoft 365 developer.
To start developing on SharePoint, you can start here, and follow this fantastic guide step by step.

I hope this short post can be used by someone to approach the study of certification, or to start developing and entering the magical world of Microsoft 365



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  1. Amazing Federico, thanks for sharing this advice to taking the certification, I’m starting studied for take this certification at the end of this year, I really appreciate your effort, thanks in advance

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