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As we head into the latter part of this year, I’m excited to share my schedule for the upcoming Microsoft 365 conferences where I’ll be participating as a speaker. These events promise to be insightful, covering a range of topics in the Microsoft ecosystem. Here’s a glimpse of where you can catch me:

  1. A.I. Day 2023November 24th At the annual AI Day 2023 in Rome, I’ll be delving into “Taking Microsoft Teams to the Next Level.” It’s an exciting opportunity to explore how we can leverage the power of AI within the framework of Microsoft Teams.
  2. WPC 2023November 28th to 30th in Milan, WPC Conference, the most important Italian conference on Microsoft technologies, is where I’ll be involved in two sessions:
    • “How to get the most out of your intranet with Viva Connections”
    • “Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle of Guests on Microsoft 365”
  3. India Cloud Security Summit 2023December 9th I’ll be addressing the topic “Don’t Get Lost in the Jungle of Guests on Microsoft 365,” focusing on crucial aspects of security within the guest of Microsoft 365.
  4. Festive Tech Calendar 2023December 14th In the spirit of the season, I’m excited to present a special holiday-themed session titled “SPFxMas – SharePoint and Viva Connections: Elevating Holiday Magic in Your Digital Workplace.” This session will explore ways to infuse the festive spirit into the digital workplace using SharePoint and Viva Connections.

I will do all these sessions together with Giuliano De Luca, a friend, a Microsoft MVP and my partner in crime during the conferences and sessions that I conduct! These conferences offer a diverse range of subjects within the Microsoft 365 environment. I’m enthusiastic about sharing insights, engaging in discussions, and learning from fellow experts and attendees. If you’re attending any of these events, I look forward to connecting with you to explore and discuss these fascinating facets of Microsoft’s technological landscape. Stay tuned for more updates and insights following these events!

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