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Hi guys!

After the winter break (as usual…I didn’t really stop, but I worked behind the scenes :D), the season of conferences and contributions is BACK!

The good news (at least for me, I hope you like it too), is that I have a wonderful opportunity to share two sessions with a friend: Giuliano De Luca.

We have known each other with Giuliano for several years, at least 5 if my memory serves me right. We were colleagues in Avanade, then he took his path, and actually, he is in Germany .. while I still work for Avanade 🙂

I remember our first meeting, with Giuliano, in Milan, at a client’s office, on a new SharePoint 2013 project, and from the first days he immediately taught me something new, and it was a pleasure working together. Now, Giuliano is a Microsoft MVP and is certainly a source of inspiration thanks to his contributions to the community.

So imagine my pleasure in having two sessions with him! Are you curious to know which ones? Now I’ll tell you..!

The first one is TeamsCommunityDay 28. January 2021 – Teamscommunityday

The TeamsCommunityDay is a free community event that has taken place annually since 2017 and the first event was hosted by the Office 365 Usergroup Germany 


The second one is CodeGen 2021 , an event made by Cloudgen Verona. Codegen is a conference that is made by developers for developers. Cloudgen’s goal, which has been organizing this event for 3 years now, is to create interesting content for programmers of all categories and programming languages. The event is aimed at junior or senior figures, to web, desktop, mobile, AI developers.


Obviously again online, due to Covid-19 restrictions and we’ll talk about “Taking Microsoft Teams to the next Level”

In this session we will see the various possibilities that, there are to extend Microsoft Teams.
We will talk about how to take advantage of tabs, extensions, connectors and how to integrate services in order to customize Teams on your needs, increasing its functionality in your company.
We will see several use cases like a SharePoint Framework solution and custom Web App integrated as tab, a connector and a Bot as service as well.

Giuliano and Federico session Abstract

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in these events, go and register, the events are FREE!

See you online with Giuliano!



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