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Hi guys!

I hope you are all well, 2021 is, hopefully, taking us out of this pandemic. In the meantime, the sessions and conferences continue!
In March I will speak at these two events, obviously again online, due to Covid-19 restrictions.

The first one is A.I. Day. It is the conference dedicated to the development of applications in the .NET environment and not only that use artificial intelligence. I am very happy about it, because I will talk about SharePoint Syntex, and we will see some good ones 😉

More info and registration Home – A.I. Day (

March, 12 – A.I. Day Conference 2021 – Primi passi con SharePoint Syntex

SharePoint Syntex uses advanced artificial intelligence and machine teaching to amplify human skills, automate content processing and transform content into knowledge. In this session we will see how to take the first steps with this new feature on Microsoft 365

Primi passi con SharePoint Syntex session abstract

The second one is M365 Saturday Pune 2021 so guys.. Giuliano (my friend!) and me, we’ll “fly” to India! (virtual obviously!) M365 Saturday Pune 2021 is a free community-focused event dedicated to educate and engage members of the local technical community.

More info and registration M365 Saturday Pune 2021 (

March, 20 – M365 Saturday Pune 2021 – Taking Microsoft Teams to the next Level

In this session we will see the various possibilities that, there are to extend Microsoft Teams.

We will talk about how to take advantage of tabs, extensions, connectors and how to integrate services in order to customize Teams on your needs, increasing its functionality in your company.

We will see several use cases like a SharePoint Framework solution and custom Web App integrated as tab, a connector and a Bot as service as well.

Giuliano and Federico session Abstract

Do not miss the opportunity to participate in these free events,
registrations are open!



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